Performance in pursuit of perfection.

Like any machine the bicycle is a sum total of it's parts and how those parts come together are given life on the road. No detail is spared while the bicycle is in the stand. There are no short-cuts, there is no working to a pre-determined timeframe. In each particular instance the bicycle's individual needs are addressed to maintain the intended level of performance. Ride with complete confidence in your equipment and focus on pushing your physical limits.

A quiet bicycle is a fast bicycle.

Precision cycling equipment should be regularly serviced to insure top performance. Extend the life of your equipment and reduce uneccessary downtime or the dreaded weekend ride dissapointment.

All work is by appointment and charged at the hourly rate of $70.

  • Customer pays for time & materials.
  • Detailed record of work performed.
  • Condition of wear items noted if not replaced.
  • Customer supplied parts welcome.

What type of rider needs a fit?

Using the Serotta International Cycling Institute fitting system we can find your optimal position on a road, cyclo-cross, mtn or time trial bicycle. We can use pre-existing equipment or the Calfee Sizing-Cycle. Additionally fitting for a custom built frame is possible with the Sizing-Cycle.

Every rider can find benefit Whether you are a recreational rider or a serious racer, your bicycle must fit. Just like your cycling shoes and shorts, your bike must fit properly in order for you to be comfortable, perform well and prevent injuries. Set up properly, every cyclist will have a better experience.

What is the perfect fit?

The perfect fit is comfortable. It facilitates efficiency of movement and the ability to generate power and speed. In the proper position on the right bike, you can effectively balance, stabilize and easily handle the bike. The body and bike become one. Every cyclist deserves to be comfortable on their bike - and a bike fit can help make that happen.

How is the perfect fit achieved?

By applying the most up-to-date evidence based principals of bike fit, using a standardized and easily repeatable method. A "perfect fit" is not about how sophisticated the tools are that are employed to perform the fit, rather the education and skill of the fitter to use what ever tools at his or her disposal to tease out the best position for that athlete at that time. The perfect fit is based on the rider's unique history: lifestyle, goals, fitness level, body type, flexibility, range of motion, riding experience, past injuries, surgeries and current physical concerns as well as their biomechanical interaction with the bike. SICI certified bike fit professionals will work with you to achieve a position that allows you to meet your goals, while taking into consideration your abilities and limitations.

The SICI fitting process begins with an extensive interview and then progresses to measurements, a physical assessment and dynamic, on-bike positioning on a fully adjustable Serotta Size Cycle or your personal bike. The on-bike positioning begins with the feet and travels up the kinetic chain to the hands. We apply principles of physiology and biomechanics to tailor a position just for you.

Handbuilt wheels, built for you.

With the recent proliferation of wheel and rim sizes handbuilt wheels are enjoying a resurgence and for many good reasons. Materials quality is at its best and hub technology is simply amazing. I can't talk wheels without mentioning dynamo hubs. Whether German or Taiwanese the innovation here has been incredible in the last few years. Lightweight, powerful and yet produce surprisingly little resistance. The two & three pound clunkers are a thing of the past.

Custom wheels are tailored for rider and application. Careful consideration is given to individual component choice, spoke count and lacing pattern. With todays high price carbon wheels a lightweight, durable alloy wheelset is a relative bargain when factoring wear life and servicability. While not in the same aerodynamic league as carbon modern alloy aero rims are excellent at the wider widths and the braking is consistent.

Thinking about a custom build or frame?

Let's make some smart decisions. Assistance selecting equipment and spending for a performance difference while working within a budget.

Jim Wirtanen

Hi! Thank's for stopping by. A little about me. I've spent the last fifteen years in the bicycle industry working mostly in small shops with a bit of manufacture side and a generous amount of club riding and racing. Road and CX are my go-tos but I do make time for MTBs when the weather gets cold. Prior to the bike shop I spent most of a decade as a bicycle courier rolling around Boston. While not very glamourous it was an excellent opportunity to build mechanic skills and understand the practical limits of a variety of equipment.

Over the years I've been very fortunate to work for some well respected shops and highly regarded individuals in the Boston cycling community providing me the experience neccessary to offer exceptional personalized cycling services. I treat your machine as if it's mine because I understand how important ride time is in our busy world. Allez allez!